Using Stepsize in your code review process

Stepsize provides powerful tools to help your team perform better, faster code reviews.

Setting up the GitHub integration

Our GitHub integration allows you to report tech debt from your pull requests. You can also create GitHub issues from Stepsize issues.

  1. Integrations > GitHub > Connect your GitHub account

Surfacing tech debt in pull requests

Our pull request tool automatically surfaces issues which relate to the code in the pull request.

This allows the authors and reviewers to assess the potential impact of tech debt on the pushed code.

Your team can also use this to prompt discussion on what tech debt to prioritise for fixing.

Surfacing TODOs and FIXMEs in pull requests

TODOs are a great single-player tool, but a terrible multiplayer tool. When TODOs make it to main, you end up with a never-ending, invisible backlog which isn’t actionable.

Use TODOs to aid your personal code development process. Never merge TODOs into main.

Use Stepsize in pull requests to surface TODOs.

You can create issues from pull requests.

Start your comment with [stepsize] to create an issue from a diff.

The issue will be automatically linked to the code it relates to, both in your code editor and in the web app.

This is a great way to track any tech debt you find during review that your team doesn’t have time to take care of before merging.

What next?

We help organisations like yours develop industry-leading tech debt management all the time. Can we help?

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