Setting up Stepsize for your team

Stepsize transforms the way your team works by linking issues to code. With Stepsize, you get technical issue tracking, collaboration and execution in your IDE.

How modern engineering teams benefit from using Stepsize

Creating issues directly in your project management tool (like Jira) interrupts work. At the same time, conversations about issues often lack context.

When you use Stepsize...

  1. Engineers track more issues, because issue tracking happens natively in the codebase

  2. Engineers are aware of existing issues, because they see issues as inline innotations

  3. Issues are much easier to prioritise, because they are innately contextful and directly linked to code.

Engineering teams which adopt Stepsize...

Integrating your project management tool

Supercharge the project management tools you already use by making it effortless for your engineers to manage issues. All without leaving their editors.

Stepsize integrates with the project management and issue tracking tools you already use, including Jira. You can start a trial to try out our integrations.

Shallow Jira integration – Available on our Team Plan. This level of integration will allow you to add issues created with Stepsize into Jira. That issue in Jira is linked to the Stepsize issue.

Deep Jira integration – Available on our Business Plan. Issues in Stepsize are automatically created in Jira, and are effectively one and the same. Issue updates of any kind made in one platform are reflected everywhere.

To set up an integration:

  1. Integrations > Select an integration to set up

Integrating your version control tool

Integrating with your version control tool allows you to close feedback loops and surface important information before code gets merged.

Most teams use our GitHub integration. This integration:

  • Surfaces issues which relate to code in any pull request

  • Surfaces TODOs which need converting into issues

  • Allows you to create issues from pull requests

To set up an integration:

  1. Integrations > Select an integration to set up

What next?

Stepsize is a multiplayer tool that's radically more effective for teams than simply using a typical issue tracker.

Invite collaborators to explore Stepsize.

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