How to invite collaborators

Stepsize is a multiplayer tool to help teams track and fix tech debt.

It's designed to be radically more effective than simply using a typical issue tracker.

Once you're set up, invite collaborators to explore the tool. We'll help them understand how (and why) to get started.

How to invite collaborators 🌎

  1. Settings > Members > Invite by email

That's it! You're ready to champion change and fight tech debt.

Invite collaborators via issues

When you create an issue, we automatically scan the authors of the linked code.

Simply accept our suggestion to invite the authors as collaborators to check out the issue you've created.

What next?

When you installed Stepsize, you put the power to transform your team in your hands.

Stepsize works with organisations like yours to help unlock industry-leading issue tracking and tech debt management.

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